"Jerri's Custom Cakery is the ultimate fusion of creativity, artistry and flavor. Jerri's ability to translate her client's wishes into the perfect product, be it a sculpted sensation or a traditional work of art, is extraordinary. That said, these masterpieces are delicious,combining expected flavors with original variations to spectacular effect. Having been to many events, from weddings to college send-offs, birthdays and even a cast wrap party for a stage production, where Jerri has graciously provided the artistic and culinary finale, I can recommend her services without hesitation!"


Jerri's initiation into the world of cakes began with her desire to ensure the happiness of children by baking them cakes. Her cakes were such a hit that the families of the children wanted them too!

The word spread, and she began making delicious cakes for friends, co-workers, and acquaintances as well. With her continued success, it became clear that if you wanted a cake, it had to be Jerri's.

Jerri wanted to go above and beyond all the flavors that she had tried and wished to push the boundaries of her creativity. She received her education to become a professional pastry chef and cake artist and continues to amaze everyone with her unique cakes.

About Jerri’s Cakery & Confections

When you need a cake for any special occasion, it should represent you, your theme, and your life's story visually. 

It's our passion to create a cake that will be a feast for your eyes and your taste buds as well. Whether you want your palate to be soothed by decadent chocolate or a refreshing fruit filling, we can do it all!

You can select your most loved flavors or choose from any of our tantalizing options. We're certain that you'll fall in love with our creation with your first bite itself, and won't be able to stop yourself from having seconds.

You can be confident that we don't use premade ingredients and make all our gourmet ingredients from scratch. We provide organic / gluten-free cakes on request. We'll take two weeks generally to design your wedding / sculpted cake. However, it depends on the size of the order and will vary on a case to case basis. Appointments available for parties, call us today!

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