What’s frosting among friends? FUN! You’ve seen amazing works of cake art on TV. You’ve pinned a hundred different “how to’s” for desserts. But when are you going to find the time to buy, bake and experiment with all the components you need to try it out? Wouldn’t it be nice if you and a friend or two or nine could just walk in somewhere and walk out with your own delicious creation? 

Welcome to FROST BITES! Come on down to the castle for mini cakes and cupcakes YOU decorate! It’s a fun night out where you sit down to gourmet baked goods and a chef instructor giving you everything you need to create a beautiful and delicious treat to take home, or eat before anyone else gets a chance to steal it!
Great for a night out or finding something different! You can sign up for the next one or email us to request private party dates.

Feel like you know a kid that should be doing this? Frost Bites Jr. is the way to go! From baking classes to birthday parties, tailored lessons and themes for your child's age group help your junior chef hone their skills to eventually show us all up in the kitchen! Email or call for party and Cake Camp details.

"Most awesome bakery in Long island."



DECORATING CLASSES - a night out never tasted so good!